New Personal Website

Kevin Jarnot | May 15, 2024 min read

Creating a New Personal Website

Hacking HTML

Way, way back in 1997, I created my original personal website ( using the vi editor and plain ol’ HTML. I updated the site regularly over the years, adding new content and features as the web evolved.

Switch to Movable Type

In 2000, I switched to Movable Type, a popular blogging platform at the time. This was a big improvement, as it allowed me to easily add new content and manage the site.

Moving to WordPress

In 2006, I switched to an early version of WordPress. That site worked very well for decades, but last year it was hacked, and I lost everything.

Enter Hugo

I decided to start over from scratch, and I chose Hugo as my new platform. I really didn’t need a full-blown CMS as the foundation of the site, and decided static HTML was perfectly fine. This site is the result of that decision. I chose Hugo because it is fast, secure, and easy to use. I also like the fact that it is written in Go, which is a language I have been learning recently. It also has a large and active community, which is a big plus. AND, I can update the site from VSCode, and push the changes to GitHub. Cloudflare then automatically pulls the update from git, rebuilds the site, and serves it up to the world. It’s a pretty slick setup.

I will be adding new content to the site regularly, so please check back often. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.